A trailblazer in Nuclear medicine- Dr Ntanganedzeni Muambadzi

Carob magazine Africa talks to Nuclear Medicine and molecular imaging specialist, Award winner- BHF Titanium young Doctors Achievers award, Woman of substance 2018 nominee, Member of Joint staff, Member of breast cancer steering committee, lecture at University of Limpopo as well as Director of Muambadzi foundation, Dr Ntanganedzeni Muambadzi.

Carob Magazine Africa: Who is Dr Ntanganedzeni Muambadzi? Give us a background of your upbringing and what sparked your interest to go into nuclear medicine?

Dr Muambadzi : I am a young lady (not so young) from Limpopo, did my schooling in Gauteng.
Matriculated in Pretoria High School for Girls, completed my undergraduate degree MEDUNSA and Specialized in Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging -obtained my Qualifications from WITS Univ.

Carob Magazine Africa: Tell us about the benefits of this specialized kind of medicine.

Dr Muambadzi: Nuclear Medicine is branch of medicine which uses radiopharmaceuticals to diagnose and treat diseases.
It is more physiological than anatomic this means diseases are picked up much earlier than any other modalities such as X-rays etc. and treatment can be instituted earlier.

Carob Magazine: You have recently opened a Private nuclear Medicine clinic in Limpopo, tell us about the services that the clinic offers?

Dr Muambadzi: This is the only fully fletched private Nuclear Medicine centre in Limpopo Polokwane.
We are the first to bring a PET/CT to the province, in fact I am the first black woman to own a PET/CT, this means our patients do not have to travel far for these services. In the past they would have to travel to Gauteng.

Carob Magazine Africa: Do you think that there is enough support for Women Empowerment Initiatives in South Africa? If not how do you think we can improve as a country?

Dr Muambadzi: Women Empowerment initiatives are not enough at all; it starts with us as parents to instill confidence in our girl child/children. Also, as women we need to take the responsibility of empowering one another.

Carob Magazine Africa: What do you attribute your success to?

Dr Muambadzi: My upbringing, my mom was very strict when it comes to schooling; my brother is an advocate, sister an accountant, the other one a computer engineer and the last born doing final year medicine at University of Pretoria.

Carob Magazine Africa: How do you think as a country we can be able to combat our number one issue -Youth Unemployment?

Dr Muambadzi: My practice employs >90% youth females and I also have a Dr Muambadzi Foundation which also seeks to educate and target child headed homes, this is what I am doing to play my part we all know Government cannot do it alone.

Carob Magazine Africa: What is your dream for Africa?
Dr Muambadzi: Tolerance and respect amongst each other in all aspects. We should embrace each other as Africans, remember together we stand and divided we fall.

Carob Magazine Africa: Tell us a bit about your Foundation, what inspired it?

Dr Muambadzi: Dr Muambadzi Foundation was created with the intention to help the vulnerable in terms of health because those are the people who really need help and are usually overlooked especially because healthcare is costly. I must say I have a soft spot for children, so this foundation mainly focuses on neglected and abused children.

Carob Magazine Africa: Who is your greatest inspiration and why?
Dr Muambadzi: My mother, she has taught me that hard times can be overcome and that losing battles can be overturned. She has taught me more than I could have learned from any book.

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