Sowing the seed of sustenance -Inspiring greatness

Carob magazine visits Medina Harvaye, the CEO of Dandelion Breeze SA, she talks to us about the journey of building her successful Brand management company.

Ntsako Mbhokota

It’s a busy day in Joburg, I’m in Fourways Douglasdale to meet with a woman who inspires greatness in everyone around her.
Her name is Medina Harverye, she is the founder and Managing Director of Dandelion Breeze SA.

Medina is a passionate business woman with a real commitment to quality and excellence.

In her company, Medina leads a team of Dynamic females whose vision is to be the first choice in finding strategic marketing solutions for their clients.

Dandelion Breeze SA offers Strategic Marketing Concepts, Experiential Brand Activation and Event & PR Execution for big brand names such as Plascon, KFC, Legit, Brutal fruit, Vodacom, Nedbank, Edgars, FIFA and many more.

Dandelion Breeze serves as an advocate for brands, activating client products, giving them a kick start in the right direction ensuring a huge increase in sales and profit.

Medina is a believer in empowering women and communities….

As I walk through the garden to meet Medina in her Four Ways offices, I can’t contain the excitement of meeting one of the most Influential women in the marketing and brand management space in Africa.

At the door, I was welcomed by Medina and her team. We sit down and instantly connect.
CAROB :Medina, where were you born?

MEDINA: I’m Uncle Bob’s daughter, I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. (She says with a smile)

CAROB :Who inspired the woman that you have become today?
MEDINA: My mother, she played an important role paving a way for me in the corporate sector. My career started as early as the age of 16 in the banking Industry where I learned a lot, I then moved to work in the import and export Industry before venturing into my own business.

CAROB :What do you attribute your business success to?
MEDINA: I attribute my business success to being 100% professional. It’s very important that as a service provider you give great value to your clients because people who buy your services need to see value in it, secondly, believe in yourself, Last but not least have passion for what you do!!!

CAROB: What were some of the challenges that you faced when building your business?
MEDINA: Two things that most start-up businesses struggle with, Cash Flow and recognition. All you can do at this stage of your business is to stay in the game, be consistent and continue to offer the best service to your clients, don’t chase money, money will find you!

CAROB: What words of wisdom do you live by?
MEDINA: When the student is ready, the teacher appears. When you’re ready for take-off, the universe with provide all the right people and tools to help you take flight.
CAROB:Last but not least, what does Dandelion flower symbolise to you?
MEDINA: The Dandelion flower symbolises our vision, to be able to empower as many people as we
can. Our vision is to empower in all that we do, to willingly give back to communities and allowing for their sustainable development.”