Taking care of business!

Carob Magazine Africa sits down with South African business woman, mother, top model, author and creator of South Africa’s latest sensation Marula Cheesecake Passion. We talk to her about her business, career and future plans.

She’s bold, tall and drop dead gorgeous. The Soweto born beauty has got her mind on her money and this is not difficult to see. She’s a busy woman!!! The first edition of Marula cheesecake liqueur is sold out!!! Business is definitely booming…

Carob Magazine Africa joins Sonia Booth at the Johannesburg distilling company to celebrate this phenomenal milestone as she launches her latest three editions of Marula Cheesecake Passion. Her drive and commitment to her business is what is what is making her brand stand out. I’m fascinated by this unique yet exciting new product that is shaking the liquor Industry.

For someone that doesn’t know yet… What is Marula Cheesecake passion? Is it a cake? Is it some fruit? NO…. It is heaven capped in a bottle. Handcrafted from scratch in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa Marula Cheesecake Passion is a winner, and it is fast gaining a lot of popularity. As its name suggests, this silky liqueur has notes of Marula and Cheesecake, wrapped up in a gorgeous clear liquid that glitters when shaken. It has to be seen (and tasted) to be believed, it is definitely magic in a bottle…

In an exclusive interview Carob Magazine Africa sits down for a chat with Sonia Booth, and we also get to taste the new flavors of the Marula Cheesecake passion liqueur.
CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: Before we came to know you as a businesswoman you were first introduced into the industry as a model, take us through your first modeling gig, how did that come about?

SONIA: I was 18 years old, I had been to more than 40 different auditions before I got this one. My very first modelling gig was a Coca-Cola campaign. TV, billboards, adverts etc., It was a massive campaign. When I received my pay check I put it in envelope and gave it to my mother to build us a three bedroom house. From there I started getting a lot of recognition across Africa and internationally, the rest was history.

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: As a successful dark-skinned model how do you think we can send a positive message to young girls growing up in a society where colorism is still a thing?

SONIA: Representation is very important. I was once approached by a well-known person in the industry who offered to bleach my skin. I didn’t have to say much. The look that I gave them was enough to send the message. If I had to go ahead with it, what message would I be sending???

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: Throughout your career you have worked with many fashion and beauty brands what has been your secret?

SONIA: Self care, I always make sure to give myself time to work on my myself.. My mind and body. I go to the gym, eat well, drink enough water, take good care of my skin.

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: Marula Cheesecake passion is flying off the shelves, what do you attribute the success of your product to?

SONIA: I work very hard on my business, I’m all about my business. When I first ventured into this business I had done my research thoroughly and decided that I was going introduce a unique product that no one else was doing.

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: How many flavors does Marula Cheesecake passion have?

SONIA: Five, the first one that was introduced was ‘Black’ inspired by who I am. “Mantsho” and it was an instant success. The second edition was inspired by the Springboks, also a huge success…Today we’re launching our three latest editions… I have absolutely no doubt it is going to do well in the market.

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: What message can you share with other women who are looking to grow their businesses and build successful brands?

SONIA: Be willing to put in the work. Be creative and original. Take risks, do not be afraid to be the first to do it…. And most importantly be consistent!

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: What do you think is the best strategy to grow the African economy? SONIA: Buying local, collaborating with one another. There is power in collaborating with one another. There’s so much more that our African continent can achieve through working together.

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: What is your dream for the African continent?

SONIA: My dream for Africa is for Africans to start embracing and celebrating all things African, our culture, fashion, history and embracing each other as a people. If we can come together as one many wonderful things will happen.

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: Where do you see Marula Cheesecake Passion in five years’ time from now?

SONIA: The brand will definitely be much bigger. Most likely under Norman Goodfellows because I’m planning to relocate to the USA in three years to be with both my sons.