ASEX launches summer collection

Carob Magazine Africa talks to founder of ASEX ONLINE Raymond Lich, we talk to him about life, style and business!
Carob Magazine Africa: .Who is Raymond Lich? Where were you born and how was it like growing up there?
Raymond Lich: I was born in rural North West in a village called Losasaneng and later moved to a small mining town called Windsorton, I grew herding sheep and cattle. Television, magazines and books were my window to the world. Every Wednesday I walked over 20km to town and get books.

Carob Magazine Africa: Have you always had an interest in fashion from an early age?

Raymond Lich: From the age of 5 I LOVED fashion.

Carob Magazine Africa: Tell us more about your clothing brand ASEX,? When was it created and what inspired it?

Raymond Lich: I launched ASEX on 20.02.2022. I had been kicking the can down the road because I felt insecure about my creativity, but something about lockdown inspired me to bite the bullet. So I planned everything since then, the aesthetics, the website, the narrative and of course startup capital. My inspiration was what I’ve always done as a child, daydreaming of a utopia where we all exist in harmony. I had to make the brand gender fluid because gender conformity has always been a sire point for me. ASEX aims to give people a safe space to express themselves.

Carob Magazine Africa: Please describe your personal style

Raymond Lich: My personal style is about flow and creating a focal point. I like to feel like a super hero. Flowing, light and soft fabrics.

Carob Magazine: What’s the number one fashion rule that should never be broken?

Raymond Lich: Losing your individuality. A unique signature style is necessary, there’s never been a single icon who didn’t have a signature style But you can only have a unique signature style if don’t lose individuality.

Carob Magazine Africa :Who do you look up to in the fashion industry and why?

Raymond Lich: I have a lot, we need a month to discuss this but for now, we’ll start with the iconic Naomi Campbell and Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousting. Naomi Campbell has broken racial barriers in the fashion industry and she’s actively bringing in black creatives. Oliver’s creativity is unparalleled and he puts his heart and soul into his designs.

Carob Magazine Africa: Which designers in Africa would you like to collaborate with in the near future?

Raymond Lich: I like Tongoro and I think our style could fuse beautifully to create something new.

Carob Magazine Africa: Where do you see ASEX 5 years from now?

Raymond Lich: My vision is to go international, a lot of our clientele are young tourists. So to take ASEX internationally and contribute to a global culture would mean the world to me.

Carob Magazine Africa: What keeps you motivated to create such beautiful master pieces?

Raymond Lich: The child-like excitement when you find a wow piece feels so good, but it feels even better when you witness someone else having that type of reaction to my pieces. I live for it.

When it happens I feel like I’m doing something bigger and far more meaningful.