Chef Juliet brings us exciting dishes this Christmas.

On this exciting Christmas edition of Carob Magazine Africa, we talk to top Chef, businesswoman and creative genius Chef Juliet she shares with us her journey to building her business, she also shares with us exciting recipes to enjoy with our loved ones this Christmas!!!

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Chef Juliet? Where were you born and how was it like growing up?

CHEF JULIET: My name is Mashau Juliet Skosana, born in a rural village in Limpopo, I started my formal foundation phase education at Mungomani primary school, then I did my intermediate and high school at Gondolikhethwa Christian school. It was during my high school years that my classmates and I shared Lunch that I realized my love for food was greater than I imagined. Earlier on when I was younger, my mom fell sick on a Sunday & as the older child in the house I had to step up. I made a huge mess of salty oxtail, but because I’m a Virgo, l am a perfectionist by nature, I wanted to do better, that’s when I let my curiosity to lead, I read and collected a lot of food magazines, found myself in the kitchen quite often & I was enjoying experimenting with food which got me into a lot of trouble. After I passed matric, I studied Logistics until I realized I could make a career out of what I thought was just a hobby. That’s where my culinary journey started, I started off at one of the private institutions in Pretoria then graduated top 3 in my class in one of the best culinary colleges in the country which landed me an internship abroad.

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: Tell us about your business Juliet’s bistro. What do you specialize in and how can one book your services?

CHEF JULIET: Juliet’s Bistro was officially founded in 2021, I had just returned from the middle east after the Covid 19 pandemic, jobs were not easily coming by and I found myself almost stranded, most companies were closing down, I had my peers who believed more in my abilities question why I don’t formalize my business & create employment. I had other goals at the time and just how much they believe in me pushed me into establishing this private cheffing & catering business. I have worked abroad for a couple of years in different regions, so the experience & exposure of different cultures and traditions is what we bring home. Every client is different, we tailor a special menu for each client depending on their budget, occasion, location, dietary requirements and restrictions. We travel the country to make your celebrations and occasions memorable, Juliet’s bistro caters for private functions & big groups depending on the menu, we offer a platted service, a buffet or a floating menu. Our mission is to tantalize your taste buds… One can email us with an inquiry at Call or send a WhatsApp message to 066 166 1042.

CAROBMAGAZINE AFRICA: Christmas is a time to be with family and enjoy home cooked meals, what is your favorite Christmas dish and what would you recommend this Christmas season?

CHEF JULIET: Some Roasted whole chicken in clarified herbed butter, Roasted leg of lamb served with sauce chimichiru, creamy prawn and mussel hot pot served with baby spinach & sundried tomatoes that you can be served with toasted ciabatta. Watermelon is in season, make a beautiful Watermelon, basil and feta salad, drizzle with some balsamic glaze. Some Roasted smashed crispy potatoes served with herbed Sour cream and for dessert you can have fun with the kids baking a fresh red velvet cake that you can serve with Chantilly cream or tropical buttercream.
CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: In your own words please describe your cooking style…
Versatile, it represents my journey of life, from choosing a plate, to picking the ingredients, when we tailor the menu, the textures on the plate, soft, crunchy, smooth & hard, the colors on the plate, the arrangement of food on the plate and the balancing of flavors, all of that tells a story and no two plates can be the same. We respect nature and all that she gives us, when we do tailor our menus. We mostly use fruits and vegetables that are in season. We also cut on food waste by weighing and measuring our ingredients. We have standardized recipes as a guideline.

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: is your biggest inspiration and why?
CHEF JULIET: I am my own biggest inspiration. I’ve had to fight to be where I am. I made a lot of sacrifices. I’ve had to silence the negative voices that said I couldn’t. I was powered by perseverance, the love for my craft and the yearn to learn more kept me going. Half the time I didn’t know what I was doing but I kept going. It took me attending class during the day and work practicals by night, it was exhausting but I knew what the goal was. I had to make it so no one could say “I told you couldn’t make a career out of cooking “. I didn’t just make a career; I am running a successful business and I have created permanent employment for more than 10 people. Another 10 on a part-time basis & my business is growing by day.

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: What is your motto in life?
CHEF JULIET: Listen to your inner voice, be fearless, go after what you want no matter what it takes, believe you can, and you will.

CAROB MAGAZINE AFRICA: Last but not least, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
CHEF JULIET: There is so much I want to do for the kid in the dusty rural villages. They do not get and exposure their peers who are in the cities get; I am taking all that I know & am still learning to the village. Hospitality will be redefined in the dusty villages.